19 March 2008

Landing in LA

We landed safely in Los Angeles around 4pm (Pacific Time) this afternoon. It's like autumn daylights savings x 2. It's 9:15pm here and we're all heading to bed. I wrote down some thoughts on the plane, but I don't have a lot of time. I'll try to update more later. We flew from KCI to Houston and then over to LAX. On the way back, we should fly nonstop from LAX to KCI. To Houston, I sat next to a lady with a baby. His name was Jaxon and he was 12-24 months. I didn't ask exactly how old; that's just what the bottom of his little socks said. :] It wasn't too bad except the probably 30 minutes of screaming/crying and the few minutes I had to stand in the aisle while she used my chair as a place to change his diaper. Really, it wasn't too bad, but I just don't like flying too much. Also, traffic in LA is horrible if you get on the main interstate at 5:05pm. It took us 2hrs to drive 40 miles...mostly because of the traffic, but also because we got lost...a lot. Our hotel gave us a smoking room and said it was all they had even though that wasn't what our reservation was for. I was sensing lots of stress. We're right next to Disneyland, so there are lots of kids running around the hotel. Fortunately we're on the top floor so we can't hear them but the smoke coming from the rooms is almost unbearable. It's not terrible in our room, though. Anyway, more later. I'm heading to bed. I'm used to it being 11:19 right now.
Oh yeah, Jess called me tonight which made me happy. She made it out of the Chisos Mtns. okay (in TX) after three days of hiking. Hopefully they can find a hotel tonight. I'm excited to hear about her trip.


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