21 April 2008

healing breeze

The cool spring air dances in through my open window on the bright morning sunbeams, accompanied by a duet of buzzing lawnmowers and chirping red-breasted robins. I lie in bed with my face toward the fresh breeze, closing my eyes and allowing my cheeks to soak it in. I breathe deeply, relaxed. The early air is a fresh glass of life and healing, and I gulp it greedily. Time stands still and I wish away my chiming alarm that rouses me from such glorious rest. I want to capture this atmosphere in a clear canning jar and close the lid tightly, saving it for a too-warm, dreary, rainy day; to open it up, releasing spring life, healing. I want to enjoy it with my friends like a child again: laughing and dreaming in each other's arms where nothing matters but joy and love, friends and sunshine, until daylight fades into the ground. We dance before an orchestra of sparkling stars against the blackest firmament.


Jessica said...

I love this! It can be like it was... only it can be even better.

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