05 April 2008

Reborn, rebirthed, remade, reconciled, renewed.

Wanted: female willing to play softball. Tomorrow night, 7pm. So I'm on a Derb team and I can't play tomorrow because I have an STP meeting. But our team is on probation which means if we forfeit, we're done for the season. And we don't have enough girls, which means if I don't show up, we forfeit, and we're done. Which means if I don't find someone to fill in for me, we forfeit, and we're done. And then it'd be my fault and I'm not sure everyone on the team would be too understanding. So . . . help me out. Because a lot of them are graduating and I don't want them to leave hating me. Sigh.

Crazy week, semi-stressful. I spent the entire day (less a couple hours working dinner) doing homework (less some time watching the KU/UNC game). Most of the morning/afternoon I listened to Pandora radio to find some new songs, and I did. You can check out my playlist here if you want. I thought the songs were pretty quality.

One week until I get to venture back to KC again to spend some time with Lu. I'm pretty pumped. :]

It's late and I've got a hot date with this guy, William. He's a writer. Last name, Shakespeare. Ever heard of him? Pretty popular guy; a bit too old for my taste, but he's got some quality work. I'll be up awhile.


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