07 April 2008

Red Sky

(Brandon Heath)

There's a man on my street
He reminds me every day
Better take what you can get
'Cause there's nothing more than this

Daylight fades into the ground
Oh, Lord, I need you now

Cover me with a red sky tonight
The promise of a better day to come
Sing over me an angelic symphony
Tell me everything will be all right
With a red sky tonight

We're so taken with our fear
That we're folded up and shamed
With our feet nailed to the floor
We're the only ones to blame

I can't help but wonder why
Nobody bats an eye
You can see in the faces
of all the passers-by


I see you in the sun
And when the day is done
I need you in the night
To wake me in the dawn
I see you in the sun
When the day is done


It's a red sky. It's a red sky tonight.


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