05 May 2008

what wonder

What wonder lies in the beauty of things unseen or things never before realized. Every morning I wake to a pot of purple pansies: proud faces blooming brightly -- a certain sign of grace. I am daily reminded of my Father's promises. What reasons have I to fear? Has a bird ever died of starvation? The Lord takes care of even the smallest sparrow. And how much more valuable am I! The Creator opens my eyes to the wonders of his hands. Every morning I wake to my sister with dark curly hair, and every time I see her I want to whisper, "You're so beautiful." The Lord radiates his love through his children, and in the green grass, the tender breeze, and the sparkling eyes of my sisters, I find hope. For the Lord my God created such wonders, that I may look upon them and give Him praise. The Lord of the universe knows my every thought, my every need, and my every desire. What wonder. What mystery. What love.


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