06 June 2008

Week 1 Wrap-Up

Week 1 officially ends tonight. It's been amazing; it feels like I've been here for a month or something, which is pretty sweet because the faces are all familiar even though I don't know everyone's name. I thought I'd take a chance to share an analogy I heard Monday night that really stood out to me.

The Light bulb Analogy.
You could do several things with a light bulb. If you're really creative, you could probably come up with a hundred things you could use a light bulb for. The truth is, a light bulb was only made for one purpose: to be plugged in to a power source and to give light. In the same way, our lives can be used in many ways; we can do thousands of things with our lives, but we were created for one purpose: to be plugged in to Christ, to know him and glorify him and share him with others.
Today at lunch I was talking with Sam Brown and she said something else that she thought of with this analogy: even if the light bulb is plugged in, it can't turn itself on.

Tonight we went on a group date -- every other Friday night is set up for group dates. The guy groups think of creative ways to ask a girls' group out on a date. This week we went with The Spurs: Matt, Casey, Mike, Hobie, and Andy. They took us for a picnic on Jax Beach (pizza and root beer floats). What girl doesn't love a date on the beach?

And we took a team picture.


Andrew said...

Where's the closest beach to Manhattan? Sounds like you had an awesome week! :)

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