11 July 2008

What Up

Sorry I haven't had time to post much lately! I don't right now either, but...

Here's a brief outline of what's been going on/what's to come:

July 4 - group date and fireworks on the beach. I watched them with the stars above and my feet in the Atlantic Ocean. Amazing.
July 5 - last day of beach evangelism. Basketball with Staci. Adventure Landing with Nate and Staci. Putt-putt and laser tag for free -- I lost, but so much fun!
July 6 - Team day trip to St. Augustine. Pretty cool. Walked around without spending lots of money. Time on the beach.
July 7 - Theme Rally night. This week's theme: Faith and the Power of Prayer. Memory verse: Hebrews 11:1,6. Speaker: Vic Black.
July 9 - Wednesday workshop. Speaker: Lindy Black.
July 10 - Shopping at Goodwill; D-Group at Rita's.
July 11 - Birthday Friday at the Hyatt = ice cream at lunch! Thrift store prom. My group is joining up with another girls' team to make BLTs for dinner for the guys' teams who took us out last Friday.
July 12 - depart 7:45am for Orlando! Visit Wycliffe Bible Translators.
July 13 - Orlando. Ticket good for Universal Studios or Islands of Adventure.


Ann said...

Um, hi. I'm so excited for you. And I can't wait to see you.

Russ said...

Alyssa...I hope you enjoyed your visit to Wycliffe yesterday. Ironically, on Friday I was visiting the Navigators HQ at Glen Eyrie. Had a fantastic time with the Navigators USA staff.

Russ Hersman
Senior Vice President
Wycliffe USA

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