01 May 2009

briefa utobio

[to the twelve tribes scattered among the nations, greetings.]

I was born premature. April due date, February birth date.
Maybe that's why:

  • People think I'm younger than I am
  • I hate being late anywhere
  • I'm like a ninja
I grew up as one of three. #2. I didn't like being #2. Nobody likes being #2.
Unless you're a pencil.>

In high school, I didn't date and somehow managed to get over the "I want a boyfriend because my friends have boyfriends" thing my freshman year.

Still, I always had a knack for breaking hearts and breaking bones.
Okay, that's not true; it just sounded poetic. But the boys thought I had nice legs. Or so I heard.

College was sweet. I liked the people, but not so much the classes.
I fell madly in love.
With Jesus.
When I moved off campus and developed a grocery budget, I stopped eating meat.
I would give anything for a home-grilled hamburger right now. With cheese. And ketchup.

In two weeks I will take the inevitable plunge into the world of "Alyssa now pays her own bills."
I think I will financially qualify as being impoverished.

I am

more later.

grace and peace.


Anonymous said...

Remind me to grill you a hamburger when you are home.

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