14 December 2007

New Roommate!

I moved. This feels kind of spontaneous for me; Jessica talked to me about being roommates a couple days ago and I didn't think she was serious. Well, she was. I agreed and today I moved all my stuff out of my small single room to a standard double where a girl from China is still living until she moves out at the beginning of next semester and then Jessica can move in. I'm pretty stinkin' excited, too. Jessica's awesome and I hated the 4th floor; I was lonely. The people I met on the 9th floor seemed really nice, and the cleaning lady is Son Ok, who was the cleaning lady from the 8th floor last fall when I was there. She remembered me.

I drove home this evening and now I'm extremely tired. I'll do my best to stay busy over break, but it'll be tough not to want to jump in the car and get back to Manhattan. I'll try to take a lot of pictures and post them on Facebook over break.


menard said...

YAY! i'm glad you have a roommate. that'll make it more fun!

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