17 December 2007

Speak You Forever

Well, Spanish grades are posted. The finals were 15% of our class grade. I went into it with a 90% in the class (the cut-off for an A)....and I got a C, a 77%, actually. This puts me at 88% for the class according to KSOL. Now, am I mad at myself for not doing something to earn those two extra percentage points? No. Even though I hated the class, I believe I did everything I could to the best of my ability. It still awes me how I can leave a test feeling like I understood everything and still earn a C. I cannot dwell on this, for my days of foreign language are done, but if I had the chance, there are a few things I would like to say to K-State's Spanish department and Profesora Contreras. But, ah, I'm not one to get angry at others, or if I do, I don't display it. So, all I have to say is "Yay for America and the English language!" I promise I will speak you forever.
My three days home have been. . . .unsatisfying. Note to self: do something significant next year. Travel. Stay with friends. Get a job. Anything besides spending a month trying to read Moby Dick and thinking how good it would be for my body if only I could motivate myself to spend some quality time at the Rec on a regular basis. This is depressing.


menard said...

booo for spanish! yaaay for english. well i'm glad you aren't mad at yourself. way to be positive! could you motivate me to moving around more? haha

Menard said...

the new colors and such are nice :]

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