30 May 2008

Jobs, Gulls, and Ocean Wind

My thoughts are all over the place. And even though I've been journaling a bit today, I'll keep this kind of short. We went back to the Hyatt today to get fitted for uniforms and get photos taken for our IDs and to pick up name tags. I'm pretty nervous about starting on Monday, but there's another girl from K-State who has been paired up with me to clean rooms, so at least I'm not going at it alone. We still don't have a ride there...most people are working 7am-3pm, and we're working 8am-4pm, so it's tough to work out a carpool schedule. So if you want, please be praying I'll find a ride to work! We'll be hitting rush hour almost every day as well, so pray for our safety and the safety of everyone else as they travel to work.

The Lord is so faithful! Almost everyone found a job today who didn't have one yet. There's a place here called Adventure Landing that agreed to hire about 30 Navigators and a district manager from Taco Bell said he could hire 15-50 new employees. It's been pretty exciting to see everyone find their summer employment.

Every other Friday night we have socials. Tonight we all went to Jacksonville Beach. There were about 200 of us and they wanted to take a pictures so everyone lined up by height. Some of the guys were throwing sand up in the air and these seagulls thought it was food and they started swarming. It was insane! They flew and grew in numbers and just hovered above our heads. It's hard to describe, but I was scared so I was just laughing and couldn't stop. We finally got several pictures of the group taken and Jordan (he was in the other car that traveled with Jared and I on our trip here) stood out in the open and put a piece of bread on his head. We all stood around him in a giant circle and laughed as he nervously watched the birds circling above and trying to dodge toward his hair. One bird knocked off a big chunk of chicken sandwich from Jordan's head. It was hilarious.

As the sun set, I stood facing the ocean. I closed my eyes and soak up the cool, steady breeze that passed through my lungs. The water below ran in and out past my feet as the tide drew back for the night. It was quite beautiful, really.


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