19 May 2008

remind me, love.

Amid the insane schedule of a typical college girl, friends show up. Girls dare to invest their time and she finds a way to escape an evening of studying and writing papers. An old friend stops by and drops off a check for $50 for her summer trip. Selfless love. Goodbyes aren't always goodbyes forever and in that last night she snuggles close to the stars. Love radiates from her friend, who drapes her arm over her, and she finds a still small voice to whisper, "You're beautiful." The reply: "So are you." And it's special, not because she finds her satisfaction in the words of her new companion, but because she believes them. When invisible rain pours over a lonely heart, God finds a way to draw attention to His presence. The King of Kings delights in his princess. As His daughter, she is beautiful. Sometimes she just needs to be reminded.


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