01 August 2008

day trip

Took Geoff to KCI today so he can fly back to Ithaca. He was here a week -- I saw him when he wasn't out with his friends or at the lake or sleeping...which wasn't much. He did bring his Nintendo 64 home as promised so I took the opportunity to set some race records on Diddy Kong Racing.

My being in the KC area made it the perfect chance to stop in and visit Lu; I hadn't seen her since the day I left for STP. She's preparing her classroom for her first year of teaching. She's taking on the third grade (so cool)! We made sandwiches at her house and chilled with her housemates before slurping fudgesicles on the front porch (mine dripped onto my shirt) and noticing the mailman was listening to Christian music really loudly in his van. Lindsey left, pulling out of the driveway with two novels still on the roof of her car -- we got her attention before she headed down the street. Then we shared life and escaped back into the air conditioning as the gnats were starting to get a bit too friendly.

Tonight I'll start the daunting task of sorting through my room. The one week I was here after school ended and before leaving for Florida, I found time just to pack everything from school into boxes and stack them in my room. Now I have randomness from STP, boxes full of things, and a closet full of items that I probably should have gotten rid of five years ago. I'm carrying everything into the basement so over the next week I can sort through it all and decide 1) what to take back to school; 2) what to store here; 3) what to get rid of. Tomorrow is Burlington's City-Wide Garage Sale. I might go browsing, though I don't need to buy anything! I wish it were a week from now so I could have a chance to have a garage sale of my own.

I'm debating about getting a job for two weeks. I'm not sure many places want to hire for such a short time, but the Country Haven Inn in town is looking for evening desk clerks. I'd gladly clean rooms for another week, but maybe tomorrow I'll stop by and see if they could use me. The worst they could say is no.

I'm definitely missing my comrades from STP! My little hamster called me today and left a message. She gave me her coffee maker since she didn't want to take it on the flight. I used it every morning for chai tea lattes. I miss her huge heart and her backrubs. I miss Sara and her passion and Staci and her coolness and gentleness. I miss Kim and her heart for the world. I miss the Hyatt housekeepers, STPers included.

I'm an introvert learning to adopt extroverted tendencies -- like Dory.


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