20 August 2008

Radina's Makes Me Happy

Ah, what joy of being back in Manhattan. I'm sitting in Radina's for the first time since May. Time stands still. I ordered a large iced tea because I had been doing a considerable amount of walking around and was pretty warm when I walked in. Bill's here. So is Kelly. Familiar faces. Yay. There are three or four employees-in-training behind the counter. They make drinks to try out their skills and they give me one for free (sweet!): a large pomegranate italian soda. Something I would never have ordered off the menu, but it's delicious! I'm shivering now from cold drinks and will probably give in and order a hot chocolate just so I can stop shaking enough to write.

My first column is due Sunday at 12:30pm. I'm still not set on a brilliant idea. Praying for guidance...anything! (Suggestions welcome as well.) I'm new at this whole opinion column thing. Too bad it's not the same as writing a blog. :)


menard said...

Yay for free stuff :] Good luck with your column...I hope everything is going wonderfully :]

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