14 November 2008

someday + new is good

Maybe someday...

I've been blogging for about 1.5 years now. It's been a strange experience... not knowing what to post, how often to post... does anybody actually read this stuff? Who is reading this stuff? I got a counter; that helped me get an idea on visitors. But what do they think? (You guys don't leave any comments!) What should I not say? (I know my parents are reading this!) ;-)

I'm hoping to develop a more consistent style in the upcoming weeks. So stayed tuned and get excited.

(And if you're viewing this from Facebook because all my posts are automatically imported to My Notes, come see the original.) Oh, and I guess I should mention the picture. Maybe someday I'll write a book, not necessarily with content from my blog and definitely not tomorrow. It's one of those things I aspire to do before I'm.... 30.


Yellow Streaks said...

love the book cover!

Anonymous said...

You'll no doubt write several books.

JR said...

You should write a book about hunting :)

Alyssa Reeves said...

Great idea, JR. Since I've held a gun twice in my life and have never shot any animal. haha

Callie Meier said...

i love that picture..its really good.

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