28 December 2008

2002 Tunes: Revisited

One of my (well, my only, really) major Christmas-break projects has been cataloging my media collection. This means making a list in Excel of all the songs, movies, podcasts, TV episodes, pictures, hard drive back-ups, etc. I have stored on CDs and my computer. To aid this process my mom and brother got me two 8 GB SD cards, and my grandpa and grandma gave me a CD case that holds 332 CDs. I've made considerable progress in the cataloging process, but I don't anticipate finishing completely (finishing cataloging and moving as many songs as possible onto the SD cards while avoiding repeats). In doing this little project, I've run across a plethora of old mixes from my high school years. I threw in a mix one of my coolest (okay, my coolest) friend made for me in 2002. Most people probably wouldn't guess I'd listen to these songs, but I really like it, maybe for what I remember of 2002. I bring you the artist, title, and some of my favorite lyrics:

Lis . . . [listen to my playlist here, see embedded. you might need to log in (for free)]


1. Everything by Stereo Fuse

I’d give you my love and this heart made of stone
The sun the moon the earth the sky The motorcycle that I like to ride

Giving up your motorcycle? That's pretty serious commitment.

2. Poetic Tragedy by The Used

He gave heed to nothing, and all that he was....
Is just a tragedy

Okay, this can be categorized as "screamo." And if you look at the lyrics, the kid kills himself in the end. Hmm. I like the title, though.

3. Taste of Ink by The Used

In this sea of lonely
The taste of ink is getting old

Again, The Used. This one's not so depressing though. I dig the word choice. And the beginning is very...abrupt.

4. Drawing Board by Mest

I spent days and nights in my bedroom
Trying to write the perfect song to sing to you

I think all guys should try to write songs to their girls, even if they aren't good at it.

5. Homecoming by As Advertised

The caffeine's set in and the stars have all gone dim.
I know if I cry, it will be from all this joy.

All the lyrics from this song sound good. But these two lines are especially good. I think i could hope for a night like this, under the stars with people I like.

6. Cigarette by Yellowcard

Watching the days burning out like a cigarette,
Just a few drags to go.

The first two lines in the song. Days have a tendency to flicker out like that. I enjoy it when people find the right words. I was reading a book by Donald Miller and he described the sun coming down the wall of the Grand Canyon. He said it came down like syrup. Ah, that's just beautiful language.

7. Head on Collision by New Found Glory

And it feels like I'm at an all-time low
Slightly bruised and broken
From our head on collision

I like the guitar in this song. It's simple, but it gets me.

8. Headstrong by Trapt

Conclusions manifest, your first impression's
Got to be your very best

Not my favorite song, but kudos to Trapt for using the word "manifest" so poetically.

9. 3 Libras by A Perfect Circle

Here i am expecting just a little bit too much from the wounded

I'm not sure there's a whole lot about this song I like except for the way it sounds... and maybe this line.

10. Baby, I'm an Anarchist by Against Me!

'Cause baby, I'm an anarchist,
You're a spineless liberal.
We marched together for the eight-hour day
And held hands in the streets of Seattle,
But when it came time to throw bricks
Through that Starbucks window,
You left me all alone.

Do I need to say much? Ha, this song makes me laugh. Even more so because I'm imagining this could be based on a true relationship. And much angst results.

11. No Rain by Blind Melon

Ya know I'd like to keep my cheeks dry today
So stay with me and I'll have it made

The sound of this song is so fun. I remember driving somewhere with my friend and she said, 'This song just makes me want to snap my fingers!' Agreed.

12. Umbrella by Dog's Eye View

I've been falling like the rain,
but you've got your umbrella in my way.

The lyrics sound like someone's having a troubled relationship. It's really smooth. I like that.

13. Bring Me to Life by Evanescence

Frozen inside without the touch of your love
Darling only you are the light among the dead

I like that this song could easily be addressed to God. Funny that we're constantly searching in other people for the things which only God can give.

14. High by Feeder

I'm going out for awhile
So I can get high with my friends

There are plenty of other lines I like about this song, but how can you ignore the chorus? Even if it's not pretty, I like it when people are very blunt and straight-forward. And I really like the guitar.

15. Say it Ain't So by Weezer

Try and be cool, when I say:
This way is-a-waterslide-away-from-you-that-takes-you-futher-everyday!
Be cool.

I'm not sure I understand the meaning behind most of this song, but these lines are winners.

16. Hang by Matchbox Twenty

And we always say, it would be good to go away someday

I'm just a fan of Matchbox Twenty. Rob Thomas has a pleasing voice. And even though I might not always be saying it, I think it would be good to go away someday.

17. Frail by Finch

Lost to find, and a soul to keep
cause you love me...

Not really sure what this song is about, but it could be about Jesus. Based on this group's other songs, I kind of doubt that's what they were going for.

18. Overcome by Live

So drive me out, yeah

Out to that open field

Turn the ignition off

And spin around

Sounds like an appropriate soundtrack for drowning, but in a way, it's about release and freedom. I like that.

19. Just Until Sundown by Further Seems Forever

Spent too many hours holding up walls
standing in corners and clenching my jaw
watching you watching the ones that I wanted to be.

A sad song about a guy who wasted his life being a wallflower. Some cool word order there, though.
you can't go wrong with little chinese fox.


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