18 December 2008

Christmas at Home

So contrary to what I remember from last year's month at home over break, I'm trying to be more productive this year (and definitely not staying home the whole month!). Here's what I've done in the last 24 hours (a good start):

1. Made chai and frothed my own milk (for the first time)
2. Wrapped all my presents
3. Put up the Christmas tree
4. Decorated the tree and the house for Christmas
5. Made a cake
6. Decorated the cake
7. Made a snow bunny
8. Helped someone burn a slideshow onto a DVD (this took 1.5 hrs)
9. Read a chapter in a book
10. Read Genesis 22

I'm recovering from a cold. Here are some pictures of my day.

I wrapped my presents then Jinx sat on them:

The tree (I couldn't get the lights to all light up... seriously)

The cake

The bunny

The bunny died. Sad day.


Andrew said...


Stoneslinger said...

Genesis 22 is pretty freaky. Would you do it? Would you have the guts to grab a semi-automatic pistol and take your child for a walk up the hill? I shudder to think what was going through Abraham's mind...he trusted God, but he had to have had these human fears...I mean, he and sarah had waited so very long to have this son, and now God is telling him he can't have him any more. I think perhaps this is the greatest chapter in the Bible...with the mostly symbology and the realest kind of love...prophetic kind of love, perhaps.

I like your snowbunny.

Yellow Streaks said...

Great bunny!

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