01 March 2009

journal | 23 february 2009

buttered toast.
Total cornflakes. Mountain Dew. Doublemint gum.
Juicy Fruit. outdated...everything. refrigerator pictures. ship in a bottle. really old books. Hooly. Cash. Sam. "my little pixie." toy box. klondike bars. steep stairs. dog leash. big tree. red fence. squirrel feeder. unicorn glasses. chocolate milk, mostly chocolate. iced tea, mostly sugar. peanut brittle. grandma's pizza. coupons in the mail. candied yams. racism toward mexicans. dollhouse. gray walls. newspaper. irises. early mornings. sweetie. britches. oleo. so proud all the grandchildren would graduate from college. ruby rings. painted sweatshirts. birthday money. magazines. afghans.


Anonymous said...

Good memories. Never forget them.

Anonymous said...

Grandma Richwine!

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