07 March 2009

stuff I like.

1. TOMS shoes. For every pair you buy, TOMS gives a pair to a child in need. One for one. Plus, they're so comfortable and include some really rockin' styles. (Sweet deal: for $5 off your order, use promocode: CAMPUSKSU.) (Even sweeter deal: 15% off your order with promocode TOMSshoes09).

2. Chocolate animal crackers. Tastes like Oreos, maybe even better. Very inexpensive and healthier than (or at least not as bad for you as) Oreos. Makes a great snack.

3. Cornell basketball. Smart and Athletic. Ivy League champs two years in a row. 21 consecutive home wins. Another trip to the NCAA Tournament. And my brother plays. :)

4. Recycling. The UK has a really nice recycling campaign. Who knew you can recycle CDs? Reusing Ziploc bags, starting a compost pile, and duplex-printing your homework is easier on the earth. Many cities have recycling programs. Plus, you just feel really good doing it.

5. Zinch.com March Madness. Annelise Masters has once again made her place in Zinch.com's scholarship tournament. It's set up March Madness bracket-style. Students move on based on number of votes. In the end, it's a head-to-head showdown for a $20,000 scholarship. Annelise definitely deserves it, so go vote for her! (You'll need to login, but it's quick and easy.) Look for her under the North 3 region. This round of voting ends March 11. Then you can go back and vote more next round.

6. Flickr.com. My source of inspiration when my creative writing well dries up.

7. Gerber daisies. I've received them twice in my life, both times in the last eight months. My favorite flower. When my last ones died, I went to Hobby Lobby and got fake ones to replace them. (Thank you to Clarissa and Jessi!)

8. Radina's Coffee House. A great place to hang out or study. Even though there have been some changes and unchanged aspects I do not favor (new punch card policies and lack of sufficient quantity of outlets, mostly), I am a loyal customer. Though, since I don't like coffee, find myself looking for excitement between hot chocolates, hot teas, cold teas, and Italian sodas. (And chai lattes would be on that list if they weren't so expensive. Or if I wasn't so tight with my money.) Oh, and they have live music on Wednesday nights at 8pm. Wonderful.

9. Imeem.com. Because you feel guilty about pirating music, but don't want to pay 99 cents for a song you're not sure you even like. Basically it's better than Pandora because you can listen to any song you want instantly, create playlists, share playlists, and listen to music anytime you're connected to the Internet. Oh, and it's all free. And like Pandora, it will even suggest similar songs.

10. Jacksonville, FL. I spent last summer here and loved it. It's a big, but not overwhelming, city with lots to do and, of course, beaches. Great location to view incredible sunrises.


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