27 January 2008

Not My Day (and it's only 9am)

Epistaxis. Commonly known otherwise as nosebleed. Can occur spontaneously when nose membranes dry out and crack. I think this was my case. Kind of sounds gross, doesn't it?

The funny thing about blood is that it's darker than dark. I've been dealing with nosebleeds every winter for the last couple of years. Usually I'll blow my nose and it'll trigger a bleed, but last night was totally spontaneous, and unfortunately, I was not awake to stop it in time. It was almost 2:30am when I randomly awoke. I looked down at my comforter to see dark, dark spots and more on my hand. I grabbed a Kleenex and stopped the immediate dripping and then a Shout wipe to salvage my bedspread. (I didn't get it all; I had to wipe some more in the morning off my bedspread and pillowcase and then throw everything in the laundry before it stained.) Then I went to the bathroom to clean up and yup, it was smeared on my face as well. (And man, there were a surprising number of people still up on our floor at 2:30am.)

Anyway, I did manage to get the pillowcase and comforter in the laundry before church this morning and all the blood came out (thankfully). While I was waiting for them to finish in the dryer, I managed to dump a decent amount of water on my khakis (didn't have the lid screwed all the way on my water bottle). My pants dried before I got to church, though.
Church was good. During the middle of it, I felt inspired...to write a book. Yeah, this is my official announcement of my intent to put into words the major events of my life and share them with the world. Now, I understand this will take a long period of time, but I'll shoot for a goal of say, age 21, to have finished this memoir of sorts, of the first 21 years of my life. (I suppose that leaves the ending -- the next year of my life -- pretty up in the air.) :-)

But I've been writing off and on throughout most of high school and I've saved a few journals and essays over the years. I remember filling a notebook my freshman year of high school, but I remember destroying it. Oops, guess I wasn't thinking ahead.

Anyway, I'll be doing that in my spare time. So yeah...I'll keep you updated on that project. Woot. I'm excited.
Oh yeah, and I'm kind of excited for selling books online. I looked it up, and I've sold 30 books online and made $819 doing it. It'd be cool if I could start up a side-business helping college students regain their money.


menard said...

i also get epistaxis in the winter occasionally. how fun. and i can't wait to read your book. i'm sure it will be a best seller :D

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