01 March 2008

Invitation to the Big Dance

Cornell beats Harvard tonight, 86-53, improving their record to 12-0 in the Ivy League, earning them their first Ivy League title in 20 years! Also, this win earns them a spot in this year's NCAA tournament. You can read more about the team and the game on their blog: http://cornellbasketball.blogspot.com/

Geoff (15) celebrates after Cornell's win over Harvard. The win earned them the Ivy League title and gave them a spot in the NCAA tournament. Cornell is now 12-0 in the Ivy League.

If you don't know, my brother is a sophomore on the Cornell basketball team. He's been doing well lately and it's pretty awesome to see him doing well at a division 1 school (in athletics and academics). I pretty much taught him everything he knows... like how to dunk and stuff.

The Ivy League is the only conference that doesn't have a post-season conference, so while all the other teams are playing in tournaments coming up, Cornell will be practicing. Go Big Red!

Geoff scores over Dartmouth on Friday, February 29.

Today was intense.
1:30pm - Southwest Baptist (Erica) v. Emporia (Jamie)
6pm - Cornell (Geoff) v. Harvard
8pm - KU v. K-State
I made some homemade cinnamon-raisin bread today. It took more than 3 hours. I wanted to make sourdough bread, but the directions said to make the dough and let it sit at room temperature for 5 days. Maybe over spring break, huh? JR, Erica, Mark, and my mom are all here, so I hope there's at least some I can take back to college with me tomorrow.


menard said...

i haven't been on here forever...boo :(
good luck to cornell!
and YAAAY to KU! lol

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