15 October 2008

Mosaic Poem

My mosaic poem for ENGL463. The third part isn't true considering I don't drink, but my class and professor liked the poem and that's what counts.

Gluttony from the Get-Go

They brought us home after four weeks:
4 pounds, 4 ounces - a three-package deal.
The heart monitors screamed occasionally,
Panic to the untrained ear.
Gently shake us when we forget to breathe.
The warm bottle is too good to let go.

My favorite was root beer,
And my sister liked Sprite.
I'd get all excited so it swam down the front of my shirt
And pooled in my lap.
My dad handed me a paper towel and said,
"Kid, you've got a drinking problem."

We started up at 17, 18, 20.
The law's a loaded obstacle;
Slip beneath it like a hole in the fence.
When everyone's doing it, you welcome the shots
Because we're young and invincible
And we believe even real bullets
Are made of rubber.


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