20 October 2008

thrive of nature, coax the wind.

My pansies are blooming!
I stopped counting the number of buds when I got to 50. They are brilliant white flowers except for my small crop of bright red ones on the side. Hey, I thought Andrew gave me a pot of bright K-State purple pansies. What's going on?

Hi, flowers. You look beautiful today, as always.

Also, a month of growth shown here. And you can see in the picture above (10/20/08) that they continue to grow! I planted them in Miracle Grow soil which is pretty much like steroids for pansies. :-)

So in the spirit of all things green and growing, I thought I'd pull out one of my poems "from the archives." This was my first piece using magnetic poetry. I did it on the website (play here) in 2001 (I think). Enjoy.


Roll and climb
Beneath, between, about
The thick earth.
Then stroll through my shade.
Relax; listen.
Then let a fresh water
Fall from my summer night cloud
Like a red rose blooming
Through a deadly winter frost.
Emerge about fertile dirt:
Harsh, hot temperature.
Thrive of nature,
Coax the wind.
Sprout into moist air,
Shine as long as you like.
Protect or leave here,
For I reflect this sacred ground.
How exotic is a spring sanctuary.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that would make a great commercial for Miracle Grow!
Enjoy your flowers; they're beautiful.

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