13 December 2008

wreckless ambitions

things I want to do someday.

a list in progress, to be edited and lengthened at a later date.

- for my 21st birthday (for it, not necessarily on it), to eat lettuce wraps at P.F. Chang's in KC. and I want to eat mint chocolate chip ice cream with my friend Kristin. That's all I want.
- visit Lincoln, NE
- See Boston.
- See Seattle.
- Watch college basketball at the Sprint Center.
- Go ice skating.
- bike across another state
- get a book published
- own a house
- get married
- get involved in a ministry
- be fluent in Spanish
- write a song
- get a kitten
- love people well
> love people and expect nothing in return
- give and expect nothing in return
- connect.
- cook dinner for 6 (or more)
- lead a Bible study
- go back to Jacksonville
- ride a train to Chicago (or at least St. Louis)
- learn sign language
- memorize all of James (2 chapters down!)
- learn to sew
- plant a garden (and take care of it)
- travel abroad


Stoneslinger said...

To have goals is to have hope. And to have hope is to have a forward looking countenance. And thats a good thing.

Lettuce wraps at Bo Ling (near the old market) in KC is even better than P.F.s I think. And go on a blistery cold Sunday evening, when no one else is there...and afterwards wear a warm woolen coat and walk around the newly renovated market district with a friend.

Boston is where I descended from. And its amazingly fun to travel the green or redline from Cambridge into Boston and walk to Fanuiel Hall (which I can't spell) in both winter and summer.

I don't know about Lincoln, NE though.

I think you have wonderful and easily attainable aspirations, Alyssa, and I would be happy to have five people over at my new house and graciously allow you to cook for us anytime!! :-)

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