05 December 2008

Introduction to Poetry Writing

The semester is wrapping up... quite nicely, actually. Besides three finals in two weeks, I have relatively little to do (you know, besides study). So I'm relaxing, heading up to KC tomorrow to see Jenn (I'm excited), and slowly packing up my room to move off campus.

Today, I started (and finished) a big project. This semester I'm taking Introduction to Poetry writing (ENGL463) with Jonathan Holden. So every two weeks we turn in a poem and then critique our classmates' poems. So I have this stack now of over100 poems (108 actually, so far) that I thought I might recycle. But shoot, most of these are perfectly good pieces of poetry, so Wednesday I started the tedious process of getting them all into Microsoft Word.

And today, I made a webpage. (In "blog" format because it's easiest). So for your reading enjoyment, I bring you:

Introduction to Poetry Writing

A collection of poems from Jonathan Holden's Fall 2008 ENGL463 students. Enjoy.
(You better enjoy it, because I spent a lot of hours putting it together!) ;-)


Yellow Streaks said...

I can't believe you typed all those up!!! Very cool!

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