21 January 2009

Wednesday Tunes and Thoughts

Song of the week:
Become - Goo Goo Dolls

Some under-developed thoughts from Radina's:

My heart breaks for the broken-hearted. My tears fall for the lonely people, hurting people, aching people. Usually when no one is watching.

What if we had true compassion for other human beings? He's just like me: passionate, quiet, and broken. She's just like you: funny, ambitious, and sinful. There is no such thing as an ordinary person. There are no mere mortals (-C.S. Lewis). "Average Joe." A lie. What if we recognized the common element -- the thread that binds us all together: our utter depravity. We are all in need of a Savior.

We are moved by our emotions, by circumstances and stories that we can imagine, relate to, or have experienced first hand. But are we really moved? Or do we continue to sit? What about the things that happen at a distance? How can we learn to love our neighbor who has lost her daughter if we have not experienced such grief? How can we be compassionate to the man on the highway asking for money if we have not felt the pangs of poverty?

How can we grasp the depth of our sin? The reality of the cross? The severity of the crucifixion? And the glory of the resurrection?

It's time to get your hands dirty.

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