20 March 2009

23 hours. 1,375 miles. $94 of fuel.

Today I left Nashville at 6:45 am and made it to St. Louis (~300 miles) around 11:15. I was ahead of schedule, so I decided to stop and see the Gateway Arch. Parking was hard to find, but I found a meter and walked. Then I asked a guy to take my picture. :)

Stopped in Columbia, MO to watch the Cornell v. Mizzou game with my sister. Unfortunately Cornell lost, but they still have next year. Then I jumped in my car to continue home.

Made it home around 7:45 (13 hours after leaving Nashville). 675 miles today ... lots of music and not so much homework (I just couldn't bring myself to listen to much Charles Dickens audio book!). By the time I get back to Manhattan, my travel total for the week will be 1,586 miles (28 hours). All I have to say is I-70 across Missouri is boring.


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