18 March 2009

Chillin' in the 'ville

Nashville (round-)trip
1300+ miles. 22.5 hours

Currently in: Goodlettsville, TN (just north of Nashville)

For about 150 miles, starting around Charleston, MO, I didn't see one living tree -- a result of recent ice storms. Really crazy-looking. But the storms were devastating.

The coolest part of today's trip: crossing the place near Cairo, IL where the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers meet. Not only were the bridges enormous, but I read Mark Twain's The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn this semester and this place where the rivers meet was the exact place Huck and Jim were aiming for -- so they could turn and go up the Ohio. It was cool to actually see the place Mark Twain wrote about. ... I'm such an English major...

Perks: listening to Shai Linne album Atonement while driving, listening to Redeemer Fellowship sermon, getting 30 mpg.

Nashville is sweet -- lots of traffic. My Garmin is amazing -- without it, I'd be lost. Literally. If I wasn't here by myself, I would have spent some time this evening walking around downtown, but I don't think it'd be too safe alone. I drove downtown to do a drive-by of LifeWay. Downtown is really awesome -- huge buildings and stadiums and rivers, also the state capitol building.

I was really surprised to find that Nashville is still in the central time zone. My hotel (in Goodlettsville) is pretty nice. My room is huge: two beds, TV, microwave, mini-fridge, couch, partially divided, free Wi-Fi... there's a sweet pool down the hall and a workout room. And because I ate a lot of chocolate covered raisins during my drive, I'll be hitting those up tomorrow afternoon. :)

Well, that's all for now. I'm pretty worn out from driving all day. Here's a map of my trip.


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