14 March 2009

Style Your Sole.

If you've read my "Things I Like" post, you know I like TOMS shoes. I received my first pair for Christmas -- plain white. And over the past three months, my white shoes inevitably got dirty. So I spot-treated them once and they looked great. Today, it was time for another spot treating. I squirted some Oxi Clean on them, rubbed it in, dabbed them with a wet rag, and let them dry. Now... my white shoes are covered in yellow spots. Bleach treatment has proved ineffective, so I am now going to restyle my soles. I've sketched up some blank patterns. The final product may involve paint and new fabric (a reupholstering project of sorts). Pictures will be posted upon completion.

For now, enjoy my blank patterns. Design your own. Buy some TOMS. Style Your Sole.
Larger pictures can be found HERE. Printable blanks here: .docx file


Left Top

Left Inside

Left Outside

Right Top

Right Inside

Right Outside


Stoneslinger said...

You have a way of subtly amusing me.

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