26 April 2009

I like Lincoln.

Okay, so maybe having a birthday on February 12 makes me a bit partial toward our 16th president. This weekend I visited Lincoln, NE for the first time. Not only was it just named the healthiest city in the U.S. (2008), it is home to a little more than a 125,000 people -- more than 5x bigger than Manhattan, Kansas.

Lincoln. Nebraska. 2.25-hour drive. Clarissa. Haven't seen your face since October. Six months. Too long. Notebook sculpture. UNL. Lincoln Berean Church. O Street. Starr Street. Redbox. Thunderstorms. Mexican food. Enchiladas. Amigos. Right Lane Must Turn Right. Gerber daisies. Target. Chocolate chip cookies. 89-cent eggs, one dozen. Butter. Skim milk with a 6 April expiration date. Angie. Naps. Birds in residence outside the window. Pink sheets and a brown comforter. Waking up and not knowing where I am. Map tacked to the ceiling. Love. Movie. Watch it twice because we fell asleep the first time. Pancakes, whole wheat. Sugar-free syrup. Yes, they're good like Jenn's. Hip-hop in the AM. Cloverton. Big church. Sermon: Facing Depression. Tour of the town. Tulips in the front yard. Tall grass. No lawnmower. Loving people well. Braeda Fresh Express Cafe. Tornado watch. Gift registries. What else? What'd you learn? You want to unpack that for me? Love of my life. Frequent text messaging. State capital. Scripture pictures. Empty mailbox. NY & Co. I hate shopping. Jk. A memory like Dory. "Hi, I'm Dory." Makes me smile. I'll be Nemo. An introvert with extroverted tendencies. Go to the top of the capitol to see the world. Get stuck in a back elevator. That's my story. See you in three months.


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