29 April 2009

Old School Poetry

Because in high school, I didn't have a blog. You guys missed out on some great* poems.

[Freshman Year]


for___the sea,
Nothing_there: just
my sail-___boat and me.
Sailboat____carry me away
miles and_miles for the
day. Water__laps against the
side, gently___flowing with the
tide. Big white_blankets stretch
to sky, rocking_with a lullaby.

Peaceful sailor, guide the
boat, soak up sun:
forever float.

-Alyssa Reeves, 11/14/02

[Freshman maturity at its best -- an untitled cinquain]

I once had a teacher who stank
I think she bathed in a fish tank
Her pit stains were green
She sure wasn’t keen
I spoke up and said, “You are rank!”

-Alyssa Reeves, 11/19/02

[Junior year English prompt]

Saturday Night Chaos

Standing behind the counter
Another night at work
A family enters to see Shrek 2
Their son looks like a jerk
I watch him from my snack bar seat
He slyly sneaks away
Into the black he disappears
This isn’t worth my pay
I watch him from the hallway’s end
He doesn’t know I’m there
Who knows what trouble he will find
His parents obviously don’t care
Sooner than I can turn around
I hear a real loud laugh
The little madman had the reel
I called out to the staff
It took four guys to hold him down
The monster munched each scene
We dragged him to his parents
He thought that we were mean
I’ll quit this job, I swear I will
If I ever see another
I’m so embarrassed, think I’ll cry
That terror was my brother


*great - a subjective adjective


andrew said...

wow, you are up late. and these are great.

alyssareeves said...

haha, I wasn't really up that late. I didn't want to post two things in one day so I 'scheduled' my post for today. :)

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