28 April 2009

tricks of the trade.

Thursday I have three huge papers due. One is done, one is almost done, and one I just started but the momentum is going. I also have 90 pages to read by Thursday (or about 4.5 hours of audiobook if I listen to it). (So why am I blogging instead of doing homework?)

On the up side, my semester is all down hill after Thursday. I just have to show up to my last *three* days of classes and take my finals.

So, fun trick. I actually learned this from my U.S. Geography professor last year. So on my Irish poetry paper, it's supposed to be 7-8 pages. I'm about four lines short of 7 and I've analyzed two poems into the ground. Four more lines would be repeating myself.

So, I employ, the "over-sized period" trick.

Ctrl + F. > Find & Replace. > Replace all 12-pt. periods with 14-pt. periods.

Suddenly, my paper is nearly eight lines longer because the 144 periods in my paper are slightly larger in font.


Fun note: my mom's newspaper made it into Jay Leno's Headlines segment last night. Go to NBC.com and you can watch it; it shows up around 18:24.

Hokay, back to writing. There will be a party when I finish this semester out. Oh yeah, it's called graduation. And my mom is buying me an ice cream cake.


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