14 September 2007

all i've got

Classes. Work. Shower. Laundry. Bed. Tired. Chilly. Extra Shift. 197.

Long day today, and I'm glad to be going to bed here in a few minutes. I went to my regular schedule of classes (just three today; Engl310 was cancelled), worked dinner shift on EF line, took a shower, did my laundry (took forever...too many people left their stuff in the dryers), now I'm about to crawl under my electric blanket and go to bed. It's been chilly outside all day. After dinner I picked up the dinner shift for tomorrow because Reiko (she's so sweet) needed a sub and she was scheduled to be a checker. I don't have tickets for the game, so why not? It's only a couple of hours, and I'll have all morning/afternoon to get caught up on homework. Um, this is day 197. Crazy. Praise God. I wanted to share what we talked about at Navs last Thursday, but I might hold off 'til tomorrow because my eyes are very sleepy. So, that's all I've got for now.


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