13 September 2007

Ten Words and Time Management

Hello. So I'm going to try this new thing I for some reason started thinking about tonight. I'll start these off (for a trial run) with a brief "my day in 10 words." This way, you can just read through ten words and if you don't have time to/aren't interested in reading the rest, you can stop right there. Okay. Let's see if this is do-able.

My Day in 10 Words:
work, biochemistry, bank, walmart, secondhand smoke, homework, Navs, Katie, 196.

Okay, so that doesn't sound too exciting. In fact, it's not. Unfortunately I have a bunch of reading to do and a paragraph response on that reading and also at least a page of writing for workshopping in my English class tomorrow at 12:30...that I haven't done. I did get all my stuff done for 9:30 Spanish, and my 10:30 English is cancelled, so I'm thinking I might crawl into bed and worry about the English tomorrow between 7-9 and 10:30-12:30. I can totally get that done in those 4 hours. Then the hour I have between English 12:30 and biochem 2:30, I can finish my biochem worksheet. That's time management right there. :-)

I also got assigned my Spring assignments for STATEments today. They're due October 15. That's like a month. Yikes. They sound like they'll be pretty cool, though, but I need to get on that this weekend, sometime between writing out my six-or-so-page essay for English. At least I don't have to work this weekend.

Okay, so my day. I went to work and checked for Dashers from 10:30-2 which is always pretty easy. Then I went to biochemistry where we did a lab and I couldn't really tell you what I learned, but that's why I'm not a science-related major. Um, took my scholarship check to the bank so my dad could transfer it to his account, picked up some agua and saltines and kind-of sort-of did some homework until I went to Navs, where we talked about trusting God and I sat with Katie (from biochm and last year engl345). So, it was good. It's getting cold outside and I basically feel a little overwhelmed with so much to do right now.

So, to finish this up, it's day 196. Since hardly anyone knows what that means for me, just take my word that it's pretty incredible. Pretty stinkin' hard for me to do, but I'm not depending on my own strength. I'm just choosing to surrender to my Father. Well, still a little bit of these cold symptoms going on, but definitely better. Yay for tomorrow being Friday; I picked up the dinner shift (that's like...$18 something before taxes). The guy I'm subbing for is supposed to be a beverage runner (they don't usually make girls do that; I don't know how anyway) so maybe I"ll get lucky and get to work as a checker again or something. Later.


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