23 September 2007

I miss you.

I've never missed someone so much in my entire life. It's not even that she's a couple hundred miles away, because she's not. Maybe two miles at the most. Maybe I was spoiled last semester getting so many opportunites to hang out with an incredible woman, but now it's been nearly four months since I've just spent time with her. I hate it. Just an hour, that's all I ask. I promise I won't complain about anything. You have no idea how much that would mean to me.

I miss you.

Oh, man. Emotional morning. I'm not going to lie, though. I'm lonely here.

I usually go to church at UCC by myself on Sundays, but I don't really mind. Everyone there is really friendly. There's this guy with big, thick hands who greets me weekly when I arrive. There's something about his handshake: instead of just letting you go, he pulls you forward, into the church, and as weird as it sounds, it's nice. It's like he's inviting you in, encouraging you to feel welcomed and at home. It was awesome seeing Kristin, Taylor, and Hannah this morning. I hadn't seen Hannah since the wedding. She's absolutely beautiful.

So, I stopped at Wal-Mart to pick up some things (like shampoo, since I bought two conditioners last week and no shampoo) and instead of feeling bad about buying a pint of ice cream, I found these twin-packs of ice cream called Blue Bunny personals. They're still probably twice as much as I should eat at once, but they're packaged into two little boats of ice cream like Bunny Tracks or chocolate chip cookie dough. And for the two-pack, it was only like $2.06, so I've got a couple sitting in my little box-of-a-freezer, hoping it keeps them frozen. I'm not a big fan of mushy ice cream. I also picked up a couple chocolate mint yogurts (Thanks, Menard) so I'll have to try those later this week and see if they can be my new substitute to ice cream. I also had to buy three more boxes of Kleenex (I had a coupon for the bundle pack). I've been through like three big boxes and three small ones and several travel packs in just these five weeks of school. I had that terrible cold for a week, and possibly some allergies, but I've often been in these moods where I just get exhausted or upset and I cry. Then my nose runs. I hate that.

It's incredible outside and even though I have homework to do, I will probably go out for at least 30 min. to shoot some hoops because I know I'll miss it a little when it's 20 degrees and snowing.
I need some sweet girl time.

Erica text-messaged me a picture of a steak that she's probably eating for lunch. I'm jealous. Mom promised steak when I come home next weekend. I've got an appointment to donate blood at the Union on Oct. 9, so I've got to make sure I'm keeping my iron up. Being deferred makes me feel like a failure. Donating blood hurts, but you save three lives every time you donate. I've donated six times already (I thought seven, but I accidently wrote one down twice). That's 18 lives. And you get a free T-shirts. Who can turn down a free T-shirt?

So maybe I got a little depressed today from missing people and not getting very far on my magazine articles. I ate chocolate. A lot of it. It wasn't comforting; it made me feel sick. Now I want to take a DayQuill so I'll throw up. Is that bad? It probably wouldn't kick in until like 5am and that would be an awful way to start tomorrow. Maybe I should find time to workout this week...


Menard said...

I was so excited because I went to donate blood, but they said my iron was too low. DARN. Hopefully yours is good, though! And I hope that yogurt is utterly satisfying for you.

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