18 October 2007

Excitedness, Milk, & 'Exotic' Japan

Oh, man. I am getting excited for the distribution of STATEments. Just over a week until it is actually in my hands (and in several mailboxes; I have to send it to my relatives and friends and supporters). :-) I got my articles back today from the editor to make a few corrections...to turn in by Monday (gone all weekend, remember?) but I have most of the changes made; just waiting on a couple responses from sources to double-check information.

Jeremy met me at Call Hall after I got done with my biochem lab and we got ice cream and I got two half-gallons of milk. It was only $8 and the cashier asked if I wanted to get anything else to make it $10, but I said, "nah." My milk is dated for next Tuesday so being gone this weekend is unfortunate because this means I have about two days (well, tonight, tomorrow morning, Monday, and Tuesday) to drink a gallon. I suppose it's possible if I just don't eat, though I'm slightly worried it might upset my stomach. I have some nutritional chocolate stuff to add into it, so it could count for a full meal, and I could probably drink 2-3 cups at once. So, we'll see. :-) Otherwise I might end up with some "nice" cottage cheese. (Okay, that's gross. I'll just call up a couple friends and buy some Oreos. That milk could be gone in an instant.)

Well, I'm off to grab some Dashers really quick and then getting to work on my homework and packing before showering and going to Navs. It might be a late night, but I just have to make it through Spanish tomorrow and then I'll have until 1:30ish to get ready. (I'm sooo excited!)
Have I ever talked about Reiko? Because she works with me at the Derb every Thursday lunch and she's one of the sweetest girls I've ever met, and she's incredibly funny. She tells me I'm "cute" like every time she sees me and she just makes me laugh. I think she's going to Main Event, too. Which is cool. She told me today she's going back to Japan over Christmas break and that someday I should come visit her in Japan and go to her house because it would be "free." That'd be amazing, but I'm sure airfare is insane. We got a study abroad flyer in one of my classes and round-trip to London was like $1,000. I told Reiko I've never been out of the country except to Mexico. She said then my trip to Japan would be "exotic." :-)

Day 231. Wow...I'm disappointed to admit I haven't been giving God much of my time lately because I've let all this schoolwork take up my day, but hopefully this weekend will be incredible and I'll be able to get focused again. Yay! :-)


Menard said...

Go to Japan and buy lots of I <3 Japan shirts. Much better than I <3 NY or DC! heheh. Hope you finish off your milk. Just put some instant breakfast in it! (Which I think tastes almost the same as Ovaltine) Have a great one!

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