14 October 2007

Food, Death & Avoiding Loserness

Another enjoyable stormy/cloudy day. A good day for getting stuff done because I'm not caring to get outside much. I went to UCC this morning and fortunately a girl sat next to me who was really nice so I wasn't sitting alone. I need to find someone to go with because sometimes I just feel like a loser sitting by myself.

Did I mention I'm excited about Main Event? Because I am. Most people are leaving at 11am, but Becky has a test so the car I'm riding in isn't leaving until 1:30pm, which is actually good because I can go to my Intro. to NF class and get credit for doing the writerly-trade. I told my teacher I needed to leave at 1pm. The trade is worth only five points, so skipping isn't going to hurt my grade too much or anything. We'll see. At Navs on Thursday they said there are already over 250 KSU students signed up to go. Sweet. It's like six or seven hours away, but yay for opportunities to get to know the other girls in the car.

So, my dad called today. I sent him and e-mail about me getting my bike fixed, but he hadn't checked his e-mail, so I told him about it. He didn't talk long because he is in a class at work that only has two weeks left and he needed to study for a test. He did tell me though that Uncle Curtis passed away yesterday, so he's going to the funeral in Wichita. He's not my Uncle Curtis, he's my dad's uncle; my grandma's brother. I haven't seen him recently but he was usually at there for the annual gathering of relatives at Christmas when I was little. I guess that makes him my great uncle or something. Kinda sad.

I'm not gonna lie, I'm kind of hungry. I walked down to the Derb just before 1pm to get lunch before the line closed, but there was a super-long line of people and I just kept walking...outside, around the building, and back up to my room. I could have waited, but I really wasn't that hungry then and I was hoping there wouldn't be a lot of people (you know, late game last night...maybe they'd all sleep in) and again, I was by myself so I hate going to eat alone if it's really busy. I can handle lunch because it makes sense you are eating between classes and aren't necessarily going to be meeting up with a friend to eat, but on a Sunday afternoon, I feel like a loser going alone. So, I skipped. I have to every once in awhile anyway since my meal plan is for 15 meals a week. I had some milk in my fridge to which I added some of this Carnation breakfast mix stuff that's chocolate and supposed to have a bunch of vitamins and stuff in it, but I could go for something like a steak or a waffle or ice cream (mint chocolate chip!) because that chocolate milk just didn't do it for me. And the Derb isn't open Sunday evenings. So, there's my paragraph dedicated to food for today.

I should be finishing my ejercicios escritos (written exercises, for you non-Spanish speakers) so I don't have to mess with them this week. Thus, I'm wrapping this up. Hope everyone had a good weekend. Later gators.

Day 227.


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I'd eat with you :]

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