16 October 2007

Free Ice Cream & the Fourum

First off, let me ask: does anybody like ice cream? How about free ice cream? How about free ice cream with Alyssa Reeves...all you can eat? Because here's the deal: I have a $10 free coupon for Call Hall Dairy Bar that expires on Monday. And I'll be in Iowa Friday-Sunday. Also, they don't give change, so if I want the full $10, I have to use it all at once. So, if anyone would like to go with me, all I really want is one or two half-gallons of milk and maybe a cone of mint chocolate chip, you can have the rest. I love ice cream, but unfortunately my freezer is tiny and sucks so it can't keep ice cream. (My thighs will thank it.) So, yeah. If you want a cone or a half-gallon to take home, I might head over there Thursday after my biochem lab and pick something up. And I'd hate for free money to go to waste...let me know.

So, I met with my advisor today to get my schedule plan okay-ed. I've got four elective courses to squeeze into my senior year (with five English courses and a physics for non-science majors) so I'm pretty excited that it should'nt be too stressful. This semester is stressful, and next might be a little, but yay for not-so-stressful senior years, right?

Today was a nice comfort food day.
Breakfast - Cracklin' Oat Bran
Lunch - Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese and Rice Krispie Treats
Dinner - Porkchop and Sweet potato

I also made five boxes of sugar-free jello (20 cals/box!) so my fridge is pretty much full of Jello. It takes four hours to set, so I have awhile before I can eat them: lime, cherry, strawberry x2, and strawberry-kiwi.

Okay, that's all I've got for now. I have a little bit of homework and of course despite having no classes today, I didn't get it done. I didn't even take a nap, either! (But I need one...I had to be at work at 6:15 this morning...) Beautiful weather today. Oh, and if you need a good laugh, look up The Office bloopers on YouTube. In one of them, Dwight drops the watermelon off the roof to see what will happen when it hits the trampoline, and in the blooper, it falls short and smashes on the cement. Oh.... did I just ruin it for you? It's okay, it's hilarious even if you know what's coming. I watched it several times and laughed just as hard every time...

Good night and have a great week. Day 229.
Oh yeah, so there's like an 80% chance of strong storms tomorrow. I do love storms, but I have five classes! And I don't read the Fourum (why do they spell it like that?!) very often, but I saw today someone had called in, "Hey, Derb workers, just because you are pissed off at the world doesn't mean you have to give me less meat on my Dashers. Jerks."

So, sure, I've been through Dashers and got skimped on the meat and served by a not-so-pleasant worker, and I understand your anger, but let me defend my fellow employees. First of all, most of them are new. If the meat isn't already wrapped for individual serving sizes, it's sometimes difficult to know how much to give. We don't have a lot of turkey or ham or whatever just sitting around, so we can't pile it on; we'd run out. Serving sizes are specifically developed to avoid wasting food and giving students too much. That's how it is with all the food we serve.

Also, I do believe student workers should be polite and courteous people coming to eat. Okay, if people decided to stop eating at the Derb, I wouldn't have a job...but I'm not worried about job security. Customers should have a little respect too. After all, we're student workers. We're not just the people who swipe your cards or refill the cereal table or dish you out a nice scoop of mashed potatoes, we're your classmates, the ones who live on the floor above you in the dorms, students looking to make a little money so we don't graduate with insane amounts of debt. If the Derb workers aren't friendly (I agree they should at least fake it), let's think why. Most of the students who eat at the Derb are probably freshmen. They come through Dashers talking on their cell phones, forgetting to bring their IDs, asking for "potato bread" every day even though we never have it (so quit asking!), requesting two types of meat (you can only have one), and sometimes just being flat-out rude. Say "thank you" after you get your sandwich, and if you need more meat in your diet, go buy some at the store or go to F-line where you can go back for seconds or thirds.

So, wow. That was longer than expected. Really, I'm not bitter. But I've worked there three semesters and it's incredible how much the workers have to put up with sometimes (can you make a bigger mess on the table? what do you think that big purple tray underneath you is for?) but at the same time, I eat there every meal I'm not working, so I know how un-fun it is to be served by an unfriendly employee. So, I understand if you wish you got more meat on your sandwich. I don't know too many people there who are really "pissed off at the world" and please don't call my coworkers "jerks." Thanks. :o)


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