06 October 2007

Game Day

Game Day. I worked breakfast and lunch (so, during the game) and didn't find out the final score of the KU v. KSU game until I looked it up on the Fox Sports Network website. Sad story. Last I had heard on the radio was KSU scoring a touchdown to take the lead with like three minutes left. I kind of wish I hadn't worked/I had a TV because I would have watched it. I didn't buy football tickets...I like watching the games but preferably on TV; I'm not the kind of person who goes crazy at games, all the yelling and cheering and stuff, even though I enjoy watching. And when it's on TV I can multi-task and finish up that Spanish assignment during commercials or halftime.

I'm not sure many people notice this because hardly anyone eats at the Derb on game days, but we don't serve fresh fruit. We serve it like cut up that you have to eat from a bowl, but no apples or oranges. I laughed when Gabby told me why: to avoid the chance of it getting taken to the game and thrown. Haha. I never even considered that, but someone is thinking.

Speaking of thinking, you know who wasn't? The guy who designed the biochemistry lab over in Chalmers Hall. There's one of those big shower things with a cord hanging from the ceiling, where you're supposed to stand and use if you ever get bad chemicals spilled all over you. Anyway...there's no drain under it. In fact, there's no drain anywhere in the room. So basically if there's ever someone burning, make sure your stuff is off the floor because the lab is about to flood. My lab spot is nearest to it; I always put my bookbag on the hooks in the cubbies.

I went out to dinner with Lacie and Keira last night. It was fun to spend time with them; we went to Chili's and I had a coupon for free chips and skillet queso with our dinners.

Well, time for more homework. I'm hoping to get caught up between tonight and tomorrow which may be very difficult, but I know I can do it if I focus. I hate having homework because I have books I want to read...I checked out a book from MPL at the beginning of the semester an have renewed it over and over because I haven't had time to finish it.

Oh yeah...last night my much-anticipated mail arrived. I ordered some buttons with Office quotes on them. I'm kind of disappointed how small they are for how much they cost, but they're still cool. Look for them on my visor when I'm at work. I bought five, but I'm only wearing two at a time; you know, so it's not excessive.


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