08 October 2007

Good Morning

I'll write early today since Mondays are crazy-busy and after work tonight I'm meeting with my Spanish group...

Semi-productive weekend; not bad. Last night Bud proposed to Maria and she said "yes." That's so exciting. Knowing people my age who are getting married now makes me feel old....I'm only 19.
I have a presentation today in my English class which I hope goes quickly. I'm not a big fan of presentations.

Last night I went and saw the Kansas City Symphony and Kansas City Chorus at McCain, and it was pretty incredible. Even with two dozen violins playing at once, it sounded like just one. I ended up writing my concert report for Intro. to Music over it, but with a 250-300 word assignment, I had to leave out a lot of details. I only have one more recital to go to, and our professor is having a flute recital on Sunday afternoon of the 28th, so I'll probably go to that. We only have to write a report over one of the events, so I can just enjoy listening to this last one.

I sat around my room this morning waiting for 8am because I was going to go eat breakfast and hope I saw Kristin, but I remembered she doesn't come into work until later on Mondays. I put a mini-button that says "Do you want to form an alliance with me?" on her visor, so maybe she'll see it today and remember I exist. That's so bad of me to say that because I know she's really busy but I made the mistake of reading some old e-mails and remembering how great it was to spend time with her and I shouldn't be bitter now. I'm not really bitter, I'm more just disappointed/sad that she's so busy and I never get to see her except at work.

I still haven't fixed my bike chain. We had a fire drill on Friday so I went out and tried to fix it then, but couldn't get it. I e-mailed my dad and he sent me a link to an instructional video. I should go out and try to do it again sometime so I can ride my bike. Unfortunately I think my tires are flat (again) so I'll have to go pay for air to air them up. That's so dumb. No one should charge for air. I should buy a compressor and keep it in my car...

Anyway, that's all. Have a great week. It's day 221. Praise God.

I was checker tonight at work, and I heard something that made me smile, so I thought I'd share. These girls came in who had just finished a biology test and one said, "Man, I want to know how I did! I wish it was like in high school; we graded our tests with colored pencils as soon as we were done." I liked it just because it was so true. There are things I miss about high school. Of course I don't miss the actual high school part, but I miss having practice after school and an hour every day dedicated to working out. I miss seeing friends and having personal conversations on a daily basis. There are lots of things that are great about being in college, but you know.


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