09 October 2007

My Finger Hurts

My finger hurts.
And if my brother were here, he'd say, "Oh yeah? Well now your back's gonna hurt because you just pulled landscaping duty..." :-)
I gave blood today and though it can be very painful if the person putting the needle in doesn't hit the vein just right, I could hardly feel it today. Now, the worst pain is from that little prick when they massaged blood from my finger to test my iron. I usually fail the iron test (maybe 40 percent of the time...which feels like a lot). But today I passed; even though my blood refused to sink in that little tube of blue-stuff, they spun it in a machine and the number '40' came out. That means I passed. I couldn't tell you exactly what '40' means, but I know I usually score in the 30s, so my days of dumping chocolate nutrition mix into my milk and eating oatmeal has paid off and kept my iron at a sufficient level. I made it out in 35 minutes, which is pretty amazing. I had made an appointment (which is the way to go; they'll take appointments faster than walk-ins, and you can sign up in minutes online) and basically was seen right away after arriving. I also got my free T-shirt which I'll have to wash hot this week to shrink it a little because it's not your average 'medium' size I think.
Anyway, no classes today but I have a lot I could be doing. I took about a two-hour nap and it was nice, but I need to get outside and walk for a little bit to wake back up. I might head to the library. I'm supposed to meet with my biochem lab professor this afternoon because I'm really confused about how to graph the results of our last lab.
I met with my Spanish group yesterday because we have an outline due on Friday, but I was very unproductive. I feel kind of bad, but I just wanted to talk because I don't get a ton of social interaction sometimes. Every time Natalie would ask a question I'd say "No," before she even finished which is totally silly and I'd start laughing and she'd look at me like What the heck are you doing? and it was kind of depressing because I'd always do that with Kristin and make her laugh. It's so hard not to start telling myself that she just doesn't care anymore, but that's so wrong of me to assume because I know she's busy and I'm just being selfish.
Anyway, I've got to get going and start being productive. Later.
Oh yeah, the blood drive is all week I think so stop over and give some. You can save three lives with every pint you give; this was my seventh time giving (if I remember right).


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