12 October 2007

Rain Watching (& Stop Kiss[ing]!)

I'd give anything (well, almost anything) for a strand of Christmas lights and a best friend right about now. The rain is falling softly and up above the lightning illuminates the sky to a chorus of incredible thunder. I keep the window in my dorm room open when it's cool outside, and how great would it be to turn off the lights (except the Christmas lights, of course) and enjoy the dark storms with a good buddy?

Instead, I'll probably pop some popcorn and watch the latest episode of the Office (again), putting off the homework I must do (and will do tomorrow).

I attempted once again to fix my bike today (with no success, I might add). So, I placed an ad in the Facebook marketplace begging some bike-savvy student to come to my rescue. I got four replies, but responded back to the guy who was also nice enough to leave a message on my phone. So, hopefully after noon tomorrow, I will be good to go.

Tonight I went to Stop Kiss, which is a play the KSU Theatre students are putting on this weekend and next. We had to read the script for my Intro. to Lit. class so we were also required to go see it. I probably wouldn't have gone if it hadn't been required. It was good; the characters were hilarious and after reading the script it was amusing to see how well it was followed, but call me close-minded, it was hard not to dislike it because of my personal beliefs. I'd rate it "R" for language and adult themes, but we're all mature adults, right? I guess it's like a well-done movie; I wouldn't criticize it, but it just doesn't fit my taste. I did stare at the floor at the end. I could handle the script, but I just didn't care to watch that.

Well, time for popcorn and the Office. I absolutely love Angela in this third episode; she's so bitter about her relationship (now non-existent) with Dwight. She takes it out on Phyllis and had a wonderful head shot where she goes off:
Plan a party, Angela. Oh, and the entire world will see it. Oh, and here’s $65 for your budget. Oh, and here are four idiots who’ll do nothing but weigh you down. Oh, and your cat’s still dead!
Haha! And Michael makes fun of her three times (that I counted) for being short, saying "pipsqueak," "booster seat," and "you must be this tall to ride the rollercoaster..." (Okay, probably not exact quotes, but you get the idea.)

Day 225. Praise God. Main Event is in a week and I'm getting pretty excited!


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