06 November 2007

250 = 2.5 x 100, 50 x 5, 31.25 x 8

Day 250. (Just over 8 months. 35.7 weeks. 6,000 hours. 360,000 minutes. 21,600,000 seconds.)
Sorry, I'm not bold enough to explain this, but trust me, it's a big deal (for me).

Reiko met me for a drink at Bluestem Bistro. She told me about her family in Japan.
Kristin ate lunch with me. It was amazing. She's incredible. :-)
I got mail! A wonderful note from a friend.
My Spanish midterm grade was posted. Everyone got extra points. I have a 90% in the class.
No classes.
It's Day 250.


Praise God.
Luke 1:37 -- For nothing is impossible with God."


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