14 November 2007

dreading Derby

My apologies for not posting in awhile. Don't worry, I'm still alive; I'm just busy/distracted.

So...I'm not so much a fan of working at the Derb anymore. Honestly up to this point, I really enjoyed it. Now, not so much. I don't know what it is -- the lack of respect from people coming through, the same thing week after week, the really horrible pay (I know it's not a difficult job, but I have expenses to pay for) or maybe it's the smell that clings to my clothes and hair hours after I've clocked out. I can't quit; I don't have anywhere else to work and it's probably the best place to work around a student's schedule. I suppose I'm one of those people who hopes to spend the rest of her life doing something she loves, not going to one of those jobs that make it difficult to get out of bed in the morning. And on Tuesday mornings right now, it's hard to get out of bed at 6am for the Derb.



Menard said...

ALYSSA! I have been extremely preoccupied lately (blame it on calc, physics, and ku basketball!) and I am very disappointed that I haven't made it to your site recently. I hope all is well. I haven't seen you in quite some time and I miss your bright and smiling face!

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