27 November 2007

To-Do Tuesday

Work. Shower.
Lunch with Kristin. Comfort friend (Kristin) + comfort food (grilled cheese & tomato soup, and because Kristin makes a big deal about them, a peanut butter cookie) = Happiness.

Nap. Wonderful. The heat from my electric blanket keeps me down for two hours.

Haircut. Not-so-happy haircut. She chopped off too much for a "trim" and emptied half a spray bottle of water on my head and then blow dried half of it. I went out feeling less beautiful than when I went in. It shouldn't be that way when you go to get your hair cut.

Staples to buy ink for my printer. $53!? Dad considers it a school expense. Thankfully he'll cover it.

Back to campus. Eisenhower for Spanish Audacity. Postponed until next week. Gracias profesora for telling us (not). Yay anyway.

Union to buy a Bluebook. Our teacher said 10 pages. They have 8 or 16. I buy 16. 31 cents.

Pass through the library to see if I can swipe some STATEments magazines to take home to friends over Christmas break. Empty rack.

It's incredibly warm outside, in the 50s. Kristin said there was a 60% chance of snow on Saturday. I'll be working 'til 2pm. If it's going to snow, I hope it dumps five inches of good, packable snowman-making snow. Rain on Sunday. The snow will melt.

My Christmas lights aren't providing enough comfort.


Jeremy said...

Hey, if you need them, my fraternity is still sitting on a stack of about 20 or so Statements mags (after I put the rest in their mailboxes...mwahahaha), so if you need any I can get them for you.

Menard said...

YAY for comfort food and comfort friends! I'm sorry about the haircute :( I could fix it! But then you might feel sickened. :D I hope all is well.

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