06 December 2007

Winter & Will Ferrell

It's coming down really well, too. I called my mom and she said it was just rainy in Burlington. I had to make a trip to Walmart this morning because I ran out of conditioner. Unfortunately by the time I got back to the residence halls, my parking spot was taken, so I had to park across the street. I enjoyed walking in it; I just hope I don't have to drive anywhere else soon.

Today is the Christmas Dinner at the Derb. I'm working it. I'm also working lunch, so I went ahead and checked out of my biochem lab Thursday instead of today so I'd have time to shower between shifts (and luckily now I don't have to walk across campus in the snow). Snow makes me excited. I want to go sledding. This snow isn't good for snowmen; I grabbed a handful and it just crumbled in my glove.

So...Will Ferrell is coming to K-State!! He'll be here at 7pm on Feb. 4. Tickets go on sale Monday at 10am at Bramlage and online, but unfortunately I think I'll be working. The Collegian said there will only be tickets for 7,000 people. Student tickets are like $30, but how could would it be to say I've seen Will Ferrell in person? I'll have to find someone who's available then to get a ticket for me. The website said people can buy up to four tickets. So, well see. It's not the end of the world if I can't get a ticket, but it'd be really cool. And I'm scheduled to work Feb. 4, but I could get a sub.


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