01 February 2008

Megamen (1-0)

Last night was our first co-rec intramural game. It was incredible, and we won by at least 10, I think. I'd never played co-rec before, but you play with two boys and two girls and the boys aren't allowed to go into the lane at all. If the defense steps into the lane, the offense gets an automatic two points. Both teams had trouble remembering this rule starting out (especially if you let the offense get past you and right on the lane line because you can't run in front of them to defend). I was really out of shape, but with four girls, our team was subbing a lot which made things easier. The other team didn't have any girl subs, but their girls kept going strong almost the whole time. I was impressed. I think I injured a groin muscle (Bud doesn't like me saying that..."leg muscle" he prefers; I don't see what the big deal is -- it's not like it's a gender-specific part) Anyway, it was hurting pretty bad during the game and I'm relying on ibuprofen to help, but I should probably be icing it (weird, and where can I find ice?). I'll live I suppose. Jessica (my roommate) and Andrew (floormate) came to watch our game, which was incredible. It means a lot to have someone come watch, more than she probably realizes it means to me.

Oh yeah, Kristin told me our team name (both for girls' team and co-rec team) is Megamen. :-) We're getting shirts. I went to breakfast at the right time and I got to eat with Kristin. Yay for that.

I went to Radina's today with Jessica and Kaitlin (that's probably not how you spell it...) but anyway, it was good. I had my hot chocolate and was all warm sitting in the sun. Unfortunately after 40 minutes I had to leave and go to work. Hopefully I'll go hang out there tomorrow and get some homework done. Maybe listen to Romeo & Juliet.

I'm not going to lie, I wish I had more roomie time. Jessica said she has a bad habit of always saying "yes" to people so her schedule is crazy. And right now with classes and work, our schedules are almost opposite anyway. When I get back from class, she's leaving. So I feel bad asking for time with her...she's incredible though so of course so many people want to spend time with her.

I decided today I want to make it a goal of mine to try new things: whether it be food, coffee, a game, a sport, music, etc. I'm stuck in a pretty comfortable place and I think I'll be okay breaking out of it.

Work was...okay. I felt very efficient and I got a lot done, but five people came like two minutes after we closed even though the doors were shut and I swiped their cards anyway because there was still food on the line, but one of the supervisors (yeah, I'll leave out a name) was not happy about it. He told me not to do that again, which I understand, but shoot...I'm just too nice I guess. I know I wouldn't be happy if I got to dinner two minutes late and they wouldn't let me eat. We were over the estimated count by about 100 though, so they were running out of food, so I guess I understand that. Still.

And I think I can win the annual prize of weirdest thing found when cleaning. There was an entire plate of chicken wings (partially eaten) under a booth, on the floor like back in the corner by the seat. Who does that?!

Anyway, now I'm starving because I didn't eat dinner before my shift (I only get 15 meals/wk. so I have to skip some). Fortunately I have some fruit and oatmeal here. I knocked my mug off that I use to make oatmeal in and it hit the floor and shattered the other day. Fortunately I have the one that Reiko gave me for my birthday. I'm kind of sad I'm not getting as much chai tea as I did at home over break. It's just hard to keep the water hot when you're boiling it in the microwave, and I rarely have milk and sugar. Radina's has chai tea on their menu, but it's like $3 and I don't think it's worth that. I should get a kettle and go use the stove in the basement. And buy milk. And sugar...

Shoot. Everyone is getting sick. It makes me worrying about touching all of their IDs at the Derb. I wash my hands, and I'm taking Zicam which is supposed to prevent colds. I hope we stay healthy!


jr said...

I had my first game last night too. I had no idea my lungs and throat could produce that kind of pain. Once I get into shape, there's no way I'm going to let myself be that lazy again... at least not for a few years.

menard said...

dang good job!
and i think that's a weird rule about defense and the lane. hmm
i hope your groin gets to feeling better!
oh, and i would have been very thankful to have a nice person like you let me in to eat supper :D

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