05 February 2008

Fat. Tuesday.

Fat Tuesday. (Last day of) Mardi Gras. Super Tuesday. Ash Wednesday Eve. :-)

I worked breakfast. It was good because I stayed really busy and Andrew told me he appreciated my work. Dinner was not so fun. I was checker, which is good, but had I brought my visor, I might have been moved. And I know sometimes there's not much for everyone to do at once, but it drives me crazy when some people (especially supervisors) wander around and talk to each other and seemingly do almost nothing when there is still work to be done. We still got done really early tonight, but why are some people getting paid more per hour than I am when I do more work? Hmm...it's hard to talk. If I were a supervisor (which I have little desire to be), I might get lazy, too.

So...I was walking to my Intro. to Personal and Family Finance class today when some guy (who I see all the time, but I've never talked to him) hurries up and starts walking beside me and talking to me and asking me where I'm from. So I converse and find out he's from the Czech Republic and that he's a mechanical engineering major, only here for a semester. Somehow in our walk (very fast-paced...I forgot my homework and had to ride the elevator back up to the 9th floor and was running late...I'm impressed he kept up) I didn't even ask his name. Anyway, nice guy. I'm glad he decided to talk to me. It made my trip much more enjoyable.

What's up with this weather? We live in Kansas? Oh, yeah. Nearly 70 degrees one day and snowy and very cold the next. It was really wet and thick as I walked to class and it stuck to my hair and made it wet, too. (My coat doesn't have a hood.) Anyway, I'm not a big fan. I'm walking over to Haymaker for Bible study and sure, I only have to walk through the parking lot, but I wish my ID would get me in through the basement door so I wouldn't have to go outside at all. I could probably work it out with the girls to let me in...

Anyway, I feel like my posts lately have been pretty shallow. Just on-the-surface, chit chat about what I'm doing every day. Sorry if it's been boring. My crazy schedule has fried my brain of deep and interesting thoughts. I promise I'll try to do some thoughtful writing soon.


Jeremy said...

Yeah, I meant to tell you earlier - I heard really good things about you and how good of a worker you were today - both Chris and Andrew told me this, I was impressed! And, thoughtful writing is wonderful, but writing about what's gone on every day can be just as wonderful, I personally think it's great. Whew that was a lot, I almost need to be writing my own blog, lol.

menard said...

i'd appreciate it if you were one of my co-workers :]
and i'm glad that random person talked to you. i like it when that happens. i wish people (including myself) weren't so caught up in the little world of their own. though, it might be a tad annoying to have EVERY stranger strike a conversation with you.

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